new CUSTOM homes

with over 20 years in the home building and design industries, i love the freedom and OPPORTUNITY of new construction. there are almost limitless ways to solve the questions that come with a new home design, and it is one of my greatest joys to sit down with you and discover the perfect answers to your specific needs and desires! custom homes are FUN!!


on the other side of the coin, remodels and additions are some of the more intriguing projects out there. with so many variables to navigate, IMPROVING and adding to your home is a brilliant puzzle that i crave to solve! with over 40 remodeled homes under my belt, i’m looking forward to helping you bring your vision to life.

CONCEPT design

maybe you’re not quite sure what is even POSSIBLE and you’re curious to see if adjusting or building a home is the route you want to take. i can HELP. developing a vision, exploring design options, and evaluating the effort and investment necessary is what i do best. my first duty is to be of SERVICE to you, lets explore the possibilities!